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Professor Sujit Choudhry Highlights Key Points in the Book Constitutional Democracy

Constitutional democracy is the authority dictated by the majority and is often limited by institutional means in a way that the rights of every individual as well as minorities are respected. As such, the state of democracy determines the constitutional rights of every individual. Professor Sujit Choudhry is one such individual who has mastered the

Matt Badiali Explains Freedom Checks and How to Profit from It

If you want to make investments that would secure your future, but don’t know where to invest, following investment experts like Matt Badiali would be a good idea. With the experience of over two decades backing him, you can be sure that the advice provided by Matt Badiali would help you reach the financial goals

Hussain Sajwani Flies with the Eagles and Rests with the Poor

Meeting the president of the world’s superpower is a big deal. It is an even bigger deal when the same president trusts you enough to enter into business with you. Hussain Sajwani is a man with that privilege of picking the brain of the president when he is off duty from his presidential duties. They

Whitney Wolfe Herd Helps Women Take Over The World Through Various Apps

Whitney Wolfe Herd is attempting to make business ventures as easy as swiping left and right in the business world. The hope that is by connecting others with one another through the apps, that more women will be able to be empowered. With the launch of Bumble, the dating app that put women in the

Juan Og’s 50th Birthday was a Show of Opulence

Juan OG Perez and Jayz have been folks for quite a long time. Infact the two are said to have several business interests together. This was perhaps cemented in his last birthday, June this year when he celebrated his 50th birthday. JayZ recognized his friend by spoiling him with drinks to the tune of about

Good Details on Equities First Holdings

Loans are always an issue to get a hold of. What makes finding a loan and be able to maintain it so difficult is the credit score that a person may have, this plays a key role when trying to obtain a loan. Also, it can be an even bigger issue to pay off for

What Upcoming Investors Can Learn From Wes Edens

Fortress Investment Group, an alternative asset manager that started its operations in 1998, has proved to be one of the best-run company based in the asset management industry. The excellent leadership of the company can be attributed to its leadership, especially the expertise and knowledge of Wes Edens, the financial analyst, and investor. Edens has

Betsy DeVos: Implementing Plans For The Benefit Of Education In America

Betsy DeVos is someone who has always wanted to work for the benefit of others. Since the early days of her career, she has always tried to seek out ways in which she could contribute to society and make the place better for everyone. One of the first things that Betsy aimed at improving was

HCR Wealth Advisors Works to Uphold Company

HCR Wealth Advisors provides a variety of financial services to help people who are trying to make the most out of all the financial options they have. The firm has experience with clients from a variety of financial backgrounds and situations and it understands how to help clients execute financial plans and strategies to help

How Krishen Iyer Developed A Business To Help Insurance Agents Attract New Clients

Krishen Iyer is a businessman in the Fresno, California, area. He has been in the insurance industry since 2004 and has founded two companies during that time. His first company was Name My Premium LLC which he founded in June 2002. This company was an insurance marketing business as well as an online broker. In