Lime Crime Continues to Stir Controversy with Scandal, Their Newest Velvetine

Lime Crime Continues to Stir Controversy with Scandal, Their Newest Velvetine


On January 10th, Lime Crime announced that they would be releasing a new lipstick to add to their list of velvetines. With the New Year comes a new blessing for every gothic woman, disguised in the form of Scandal. Scandal is the newest velvetine in town that everybody is talking about.


As the name states, Scandal is just that. It is bound to evoke a scandalous feeling in whoever wears it. The violet-purple richness is just a magnification of true bossladyness. Wearing it makes you feel bad ass in a rock star kind of way.


If you would like to see what Scandal feels like, you can always visit their website. As usual, the presentation is on natural lips, not a piece of paper. So, you will have a true picture of how the lipstick will look on you. The lipstick goes for only $20. It will keep you looking great the whole day, without creating any mess or requiring a retouch. At the end of the day, you can simply use some oil and wipe it off.


She commented on a few ways in which the wearers could use to make the Scandal colors even more conspicuous. Doe Deere commented on how well this velvetine complements black liners. She also advised anyone using the lipstick to apply lip balm a few minutes before they can apply the lipstick. This is to keep lips looking soft and glamorous all day.


About Lime Crime

The brand is owned by Doe Deere, one of New York’s most controversial unicorn. It was inspired by her love for bright clothes. During her sewing days, she just couldn’t find a lipstick that was bright enough to match her fabrics. For this reason, she started an EBay account and named it Lime Crime. She later launched the company, under the same name, in the year 2008. A year later, her unicorns came and the velvetines followed in 2012, first going on sale at retailers like Urban Outfitters, and popular stores in the UK like Love-Makeup.

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