José Borghi’s agency has grown with success to become the esteemed, Mullen Lowe.

José Borghi’s agency has grown with success to become the esteemed, Mullen Lowe.

Founded by José Borghi and previously identified as Borghi Lowe, the Mullen Lowe Brasil agency is a highly respected company, throughout the nation of Brazil. José Borghi is distinguished among the slew of Brazilian editors, for being viewed, as one the leading and prominent advertising gurus, in the marketing arena. José Borghi’s accomplishments, actually boomed, from his failure to decide, what to do, prior to entering college, while he was still a young man, in middle school. His sister, one day approached José, with a request that he come with her, and be present at the Castro Neves Theater, where they were presenting a series of video performances. His sister’s goal, was to help out José, to determine on his own, which professional path to go down, The presentations, were particularly on an assortment of exceedingly triumphant marketing videos, all of which, received highly respected honors, in Cannes. The honors, were offered, as statues of gold lions and these awards really took hold, of the young José Borghi. This introduction to the advertising videos, inspired within José, a driven career path to pursue, because he now, desired to own one of those awards, himself.

José began his first job, In 1989, as an editor, at the distinguished agency, Standart Ogilvy. They are a renowned Brazilian advertising agency. José Borghi, soon began to stand out, among the other advertising firm editors in Brazil and earned the notice of several, flourishing firms, such as, DDB ,FCB and DM9, to name only a handful. This success, encouraged José Borghi to join up with Léo Burnett together with, Erh Ray, to create the Brazilian advertising agency, BorghiErh. A number of years later, the agency joined with Mullen and Lowe. The marketing agency, is now branded as, Mullen Lowe Brazil. for more.

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