Hope Sees Huge Efficiency Improvements With Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as Arizona’s foremost tech entrepreneur. Recently, he has taken to the web to discuss many of the issues surrounding the coming adoption of the technologies best described as the Internet of Things.

Self-driving cars and self-serving grocery carts

Hope as futurist says that the coming super-network of devices that will ultimately do most of the daily chores of life is not a matter of if but when. Hope points to operations like Amazon. With its many fulfillment centers throughout the United States, Amazon is already deploying completely autonomous robots on their warehouse floors as well as drones for delivery of various items. There is no question that these technologies create astronomical efficiency improvements and cost savings, otherwise Amazon wouldn’t be using them.

But Jason Hope is quick to point out that, even though these sci-fi developments have been mostly restricted to use by multi-billion dollar corporations, who can afford gigantic capital expenditures, as sure as the sun rises, these internet of things will soon becomes exponentially less expensive. Hope notes that Moore’s Law, the idea, first expounded in the ’70s, that computing power will double roughly every two years, has held true for over 40 years. Hope says that something akin to Moore’s law also holds true for the price of mass-produced, new technologies. The first cellular phones, in the mid-’80s, cost over $5,000. By 2005, the cheapest were routinely free.

Hope says that there is no doubt the technology being used today by Amazon will, tomorrow, start showing up in grocery stores.

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Copa Star: Best Hospital in the World?

This is a hospital like you have never seen before. The Copa Star is a home of healing that has so many things to offer ranging from excellent medical services to the best food that you can only find in a Five Star Hotel.

And the best part is that they have a five-star hotel in there that cooks the most delicious food you have ever had.

Having been built next to the Copacabana beach which is one of the most beautiful picturesque beaches you can find, we can confidently say that they have taken this to a whole new level.

It’s only in a Copa Star hospital that you can find a hotel with five stars and with rooms like a house you would want to own. There is nothing hospital like about the place, it is just a whole other thing. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Most Luxurious

When they designed this hospital, they wanted to make it a home away from home. That is why they have the following features that make it all just better than home:

  • Warm Lights
  • Spacious rooms that feel like home
  • The best interior designing

The Cuisine

When you walk into the five-star hotel built in the hospital, you can just smell the food being prepared by expert chefs who make even the most nauseated patients hungry for food. That is why it is regarded as one of the most luxurious in the area and on so many levels.

The food is a variety of mouthwatering dishes that will soothe and make your palate crave for something more no matter how sick you feel.

Interior Decoration

The Japanese painter Yutaka was given the task to paint some really good and appropriate painting that would be put in these hospitals to make the view and everything seem a whole lot better. No more stark white and blue walls that reek of antiseptic.

Technology is Up to Date

When you commit yourself to the staff here, do not worry because the hospital did not spare any expense when it came to the equipment used to treat you and make you better. They have everything that you can possibly need and that is why so many people trust and go to Hospital Copa Star.

Going Worldwide

They have managed to expand throughout Brazil and am sure that they will continue moving until the world knows what hospitality in hospitals really is. And then when they get there, there is going to be more because being visionaries is their job and they will deliver as the days go by.

In Conclusion

As a luxury hotel, this one stands out among the rest and takes the cake when it comes to services that they offer. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping – fun and leisure haven

Monaira Shopping is the largest mall in Joao Pessoa in Brazil. The Shopping Centre is a haven of fun activities and leisure options. It offers a wide variety of cafés, restaurants, pizzerias, and much more. The shopping mall also has an enormous cinema to offer as well as a fully electronic bowling lane. There are also a ballroom and an electronic amusement part. The Manaira Shopping Centre puts fun and entertainment as main priorities.

One of best features of the mall is the cinema. It has eleven modern rooms as well as 3D rooms and VIP rooms for party reservations. The large cinema is arranged the way a stadium is which makes it look even grander. Unlike many other cinemas, the one in the Manaira Shopping Centre serves gourmet popcorn, and you can even visit the cocktail bar of the cinema. It is truly built to please all customers. Another awesome feature of the mall is the Game Station – 1800 square meters with more than 200 machines to satisfy all of the avid gamers who visit the mall. Other services that the visitors can enjoy are a full house of gyms, live shows and a huge number of boutiques. There is a large food court where customers can find cuisines from all around the globe. The Gourmet Space as they call it also features a steak house with top quality meals for those who would like to have a fancy dining experience after a fun day at the mall. On the rooftop of the mall was built the Domus Hall. Domus Hall was built eight years ago, and music event is often held there. The air-conditioned structure was built as and opened as a way of celebrating the seventh birthday of the Monaira Shopping Centre. Some of the performers that have had the stage are Ana Carolina, Jorge Mario da Silva, etc. The Domus Hall can be booked for large party events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations and so on. Read more on Polemica Paraiba.

The owner of the Manaira Shopping Centre is Roberto Santiago. He was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. He earned a degree in Business Administration studies from the University Centre in Joao Pessoa or UNIPE for short. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur. He is 59 years old and, judging by the massive entertainment his shopping Centre offers, Roberto Santiago knows what it means to have fun. He is also the owner of another shopping mall – Mangeira Shopping mall. Roberto Santiago’s career started when he decided to invest in the Café Santa Rosa. Roberto’s long life passion is sports. He has collected a lot of trophies over the years in sports such as karting and motocross from participating in championships. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

The Strategy behind Fabletics’ Exponential Growth

Fabletics has grown into a 250 million dollar company in the course of three years. The company fronts a significant competitive assault against one of the leading online fashion players, Amazon. Fabletics associates itself with the likes of Apple and Warby Parker; through its successful marketing and expansion strategy, the company intends to open new stores.


Gregg Throgmartin, the current Fabletics General Manager, reveals that the secret behind the company’s exponential growth and success lies in the innovation of a “high-value brand.” He cites that their membership model acts as the enabling tool toward personalized service and trendy clothing. Their prices give them an edge over similar businesses as they deliver similar products at half the price labeled by their competitors.


Fabletics currently has sixteen retail shops open in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California. The company’s membership model involves a subscription mechanism, enabling the business to deliver desirable content to their customers. This strategy was invoked through understanding the relationship between clients and brands.


Transition of the High-Value Brand


The price and quality of services and goods have in the past defined “high-value brands.” However, the recent shift in economic standings reveals that this combination does not necessarily guarantee success or assure a competitive edge. The modern consumer has set new markers of what constitutes a high-value brand. They include last mile services, product design, client experience, and brand recognition. Adding membership and convenience brings about a powerful mix.


Fabletics Competes Differently


Various brands offer showroom services. However, unlike Fabletics, these fashion players encounter challenges during said operations. Customers browse offline and later proceed to buy the items at a lower price elsewhere. Fabletics’ “reverse showrooming” approach has ensured that browsing becomes an opportunity towards understanding local markets and building customer relationships.


If a customer tries on clothing, whether they purchase the clothing item or not, it is reflected in their personalized online shopping cart. Nearly half or the customers that walk into their physical retail stores are members, and 25% of the walk-in customers become members inside the store.


Fabletics prides itself in displaying the right content in both the digital and physical platforms. Utilizing online data about clients’ preferences ensures that retail stores only stock items that are desired by customers. The stocked items are changed as the customer base preferences change.


A Fabletics Review


Teri Hutcheon gives an honest and non-sponsored review on Fabletics. She is a blogger on “A Foodie Stays Fit” website platform. Teri narrows down her review to quality, value, and style. She cites that Fabletics is a fitness clothing company and dives directly into its leggings which she outlines as of high quality; they are thick, have impressive compression, maintain their shape, and are less likely to fade.


Teri was impressed by the variety of styles available from solid colors, fun tank-tops with cutouts, bold patterns, and sheer fabrics. She, furthermore, attests to the value a customer gets on the clothing he/she purchases, citing an example of leggings which cost 50 dollars and that would otherwise run at 80 dollars in other competing brands.