The Strategy behind Fabletics’ Exponential Growth

The Strategy behind Fabletics’ Exponential Growth

Fabletics has grown into a 250 million dollar company in the course of three years. The company fronts a significant competitive assault against one of the leading online fashion players, Amazon. Fabletics associates itself with the likes of Apple and Warby Parker; through its successful marketing and expansion strategy, the company intends to open new stores.


Gregg Throgmartin, the current Fabletics General Manager, reveals that the secret behind the company’s exponential growth and success lies in the innovation of a “high-value brand.” He cites that their membership model acts as the enabling tool toward personalized service and trendy clothing. Their prices give them an edge over similar businesses as they deliver similar products at half the price labeled by their competitors.


Fabletics currently has sixteen retail shops open in Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California. The company’s membership model involves a subscription mechanism, enabling the business to deliver desirable content to their customers. This strategy was invoked through understanding the relationship between clients and brands.


Transition of the High-Value Brand


The price and quality of services and goods have in the past defined “high-value brands.” However, the recent shift in economic standings reveals that this combination does not necessarily guarantee success or assure a competitive edge. The modern consumer has set new markers of what constitutes a high-value brand. They include last mile services, product design, client experience, and brand recognition. Adding membership and convenience brings about a powerful mix.


Fabletics Competes Differently


Various brands offer showroom services. However, unlike Fabletics, these fashion players encounter challenges during said operations. Customers browse offline and later proceed to buy the items at a lower price elsewhere. Fabletics’ “reverse showrooming” approach has ensured that browsing becomes an opportunity towards understanding local markets and building customer relationships.


If a customer tries on clothing, whether they purchase the clothing item or not, it is reflected in their personalized online shopping cart. Nearly half or the customers that walk into their physical retail stores are members, and 25% of the walk-in customers become members inside the store.


Fabletics prides itself in displaying the right content in both the digital and physical platforms. Utilizing online data about clients’ preferences ensures that retail stores only stock items that are desired by customers. The stocked items are changed as the customer base preferences change.


A Fabletics Review


Teri Hutcheon gives an honest and non-sponsored review on Fabletics. She is a blogger on “A Foodie Stays Fit” website platform. Teri narrows down her review to quality, value, and style. She cites that Fabletics is a fitness clothing company and dives directly into its leggings which she outlines as of high quality; they are thick, have impressive compression, maintain their shape, and are less likely to fade.


Teri was impressed by the variety of styles available from solid colors, fun tank-tops with cutouts, bold patterns, and sheer fabrics. She, furthermore, attests to the value a customer gets on the clothing he/she purchases, citing an example of leggings which cost 50 dollars and that would otherwise run at 80 dollars in other competing brands.

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  1. The result that Fabletics has had so far comes down to seemingly very simple practical steps that are working well in the fashion industry. Yet one of the rush essays work shows very clearly that it is not always easy to have reached that point. To try is replicating this same ideas could be challenging to do for several reasons mainly leadership and making deals.

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