Sam Tabar’s Success In The Corporate And Legal Fields

Sam Tabar is a successful capital strategist and attorney. Over the years, he has been funding different startups. As a venture capitalist, Sam has been heavily involved in the affairs of THINX, a startup company. This corporation focuses on providing women from different parts of the world, especially in Africa, with sanitary towels.

Sam was inspired by THINX’s social mission considering that most women regularly miss important activities during their menstrual cycle due to lack of sanitary products.

Sam Tabar is a proud alumnus of the Columbia Law School and Oxford University. After graduating from college, Sam joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager & Flom LLP, a renowned law firm based in New York. His deep interest in investment saw him leave the legal profession and join the corporate world.

As an attorney, Sam counseled clients on various matters, including investment management agreements, employment issues, side letters and hedge fund formation and structure.

Throughout his profession, Sam has worked for the world’s leading investment companies. Previously, he worked as the head of capital strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

He was responsible for introducing institutional investors, including pensions, endowments, family offices, funds of funds, and foundations. As a capital strategist, Sam managed over $2 billion of funds. Additionally, Tabar consulted on operations, legal, and assisted in building Merrill Lynch’s office teams.

Previously, Sam Tabar worked as the co- head of marketing at Sparx Group, Asia Pacific’s largest independent fund. The executive was mandated with the duty of supervising and enhancing the company’s worldwide marketing efforts.

Later, he returned to practice law by joining Schulte, Roth & Zabel law firm. As an associate partner, he provided clients with advises on hedge funds and investment-related concerns.

Sam Tabar continues to offer clients with sound financial and investment advice. His experience in the industry is unrivaled. This is because of the knowledge that he has gained from both the corporate world and legal field.

Notably, Sam has been involved in different philanthropic activities. He supports various community initiatives.

Sam maintains an active presence in the social media platforms. He interacts with his fans by positing different messages through his handles. One can reach him through his Instagram page, Facebook, and Aboutme.

Besty DeVos, the Selfless Reformer

Giving back to the community is a vital part of a business or an individual being a means to show appreciation to the community one has grown in or that which the company operates. It is geared towards improving the living standards of those living in the surrounding. Though regarded as a way of helping, it is paramount for a business to carry out charitable activities to upgrade the society in which it exists, as a part of the corporate social responsibility. More so, philanthropy is highly encouraged to be it from individuals like Betsy DeVos, businesses or other firms.

Elisabeth Dee ‘Betsy’ DeVos is an American businesswoman born in 1958. She is also an activist, philanthropist, reformer, and a politician. Betsy is the 11th and current Secretary of Education in America. She is a Republican and a staunch advocate for school choice, charter schools, and voucher programs and also for the Protestant Christian community. Besides, Mrs. DeVos was Michigan’s Republican Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. Between 1996 and 2000, she served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and was reelected later in 2003. Moreover, Mrs. DeVos is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Also, she has served as chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice, Action Institute and the PAC on All Children Matter.

Betsy DeVos has championed for the private-school voucher program movement that has thus far been a success. Presently, 250,000 students in 17 states have benefited from the program. It aims at providing a conducive and safe environment for the students. Through this program, she and her husband supported individual students at Potter’s House, and it has turned out to be a commitment of which they are happy to help.

Because Betsy had school aged children, it helped her to vividly see what other parents from disadvantaged families passed through to pay for their children’s tuition. It led to increasing their financial support to more parents. She also started a foundation that aimed at giving scholarships to low-income families so that they could have freedom of choice on which school their children would join. Check this related article from

She also served on the boards of Children First America and American Education Reform Councils both of which were charities aimed at expansions in education. More so, she was actively involved in the formation of American Federation for Children Action Fund aimed at supporting students educationally. Her efforts towards education have prevented actions to undermine education choice in the country. Besty DeVos believes that all parents have the chance to choose the best educational system for their children through the currently advocated education programs.


George Soros: Business Mogul and World’s Foremost Philanthropist

George Soros began life as an average child in Hungary. He went on to become a vastly wealthy businessman and is said to have “broke the Bank of England”. Not only is Soros a very intelligent investor and business magnate, he is actively involved in many philanthropic endeavors.

As a child, George Soros narrowly escaped a horrific fate. He saw firsthand the awful effects of prejudice while living in Hungary during the era of the Nazis. Soros managed to flee from Hungary. He worked hard to support himself through schooling at the London School of Economics. He took jobs as a railway porter and a waiter. After graduating, he made his way to Wall Street. In 1969, George Soros established his own hedge fund with a whopping $12 million. Since then, he has gone nowhere but up. The Soros Fund Management is worth about $30 billion. Read more on

As much as his money puts him above issues facing average people today, he has given over $12 billion to political and social charities and people looking to change the world. He contributed $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign because of her stances on religious tolerance, immigration reform, and criminal justice reform. He is a very outspoken critic of Donald Trump, even accused him of playing on the fears of others and “doing the work of Isis”.

George Soros has put an enormous amount of resources into upholding democratic ideals. He donates to causes that fight for freedom of expression, transparency, government accountability, and equality. He often focuses on groups that face discrimination. He has supported groups representing Europe’s Roma people, drug users, sex workers, and LGBTI people. Also, George Soros has given impressive donations to the International Crisis Group and UNICEF of $5 million each. In 2016, he donated $4 million to the University of Connecticut’s Human Rights Institute.

One of Soros’ biggest contributions has been to the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project. To date he has donated over $75 million. The project is helping to end extreme poverty in Africa through education, access to health care, business development tools, food, water, and energy.

Soros founded the Open Society Foundations which has connections to over 100 countries and strives to create a world where everyone has equal chances to make something of themselves.

Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

Equities First Holdings – a Lending Solution to Investors

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a company that provides security based lending amenities to individual investors and business organizations. Therefore, before offering loans to entrepreneurs and investors, EFH typically evaluate the future performance and risks that are associated with treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Equities First Holdings was established in 2002, and it is headquartered in Indianapolis with the branch office in New York. After 14 years of operation, EFH is fortunate enough to interact with talented teams and veterans in the industry of finance. Perhaps, EFH has managed to provide its customers with an alternative financing solution. It supplies capital to its clients, which has enable them rich their professional and personal goals. Within the period of doing business, the firm has managed to complete over 600 transactions that are worth 1.35 dollars. Also, EFH is offering loans to customers at low and fixed interest rates and learn more about Equities First.

As a global company, Equities First Holdings has offices in more than nine countries. The principal offices are found in the main cities such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia City. By working with EFH, an investor will have to gain a lot. This is because, with the stock-based loans, the investor will not be restricted with what to do with the borrowed money. The investment capital can be used for any purpose so long it is of business agenda. Furthermore, the loans are of the non-recourse. In that case, a borrower is not assigned to solemn obligations. Additionally, the rates of the interests are variable, and the person who is borrowing is expected to receive a loan to value ratio that ranges between 9 and 49 percent. Besides, EFH encourages borrowers to keep the proceeds of the initial loans. This implies that the obligation is out of the hands of the lender.

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How Mikhail Blagosklonny Is Transforming Cancer and Aging Research Fields

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned professor of Oncology who has revolutionized cancer and aging research fields. He serves as a professor of oncology at the Roswell Cancer Institute. Cancer and aging research fields have gained a lot of interest after the increase in the number of aged people dying of cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny has been very instrumental in the pursuit of cancer treatment and anti-aging research.

TOR Signaling

Professor Blagosklonny is honored worldwide for his theory of TOR signaling. In his theory, he formulated TOR signaling by using Rapamycin, which is a prominent cancer drug that can be used to prolong human life by reducing aging rates. Globally, he is recognized as one of the major advocates of Rapamycin in human life extension research. Rapamycin is used to coat coronary stents during organ transplants to reduce chances of organ rejection.


Mikhail Blagosklonny attended the First Pavlov State University of St. Petersburg where he earned his MD in internal medicine and Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. He served as an associate professor at the New York Medical College in 2002; he was later appointed to serve as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute, Albany, NY. In 2009, he joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he serves as a professor of oncology. At Roswell, he is involved in developing therapies to protect healthy cells from being damaged by aging elements. Follow Mikhail on Loop

In most of his research, he targets cancer, anti-ageing drugs, and biogerontology. With the number of degenerative conditions such as cancer and old age increasing, Blagosklonny research remains one of the most valuable aspects of the future. It is estimated that over two billion people will be aged above 60 by 2050. At this age, cells begin to degenerate and chances of being diagnosed with cancer are higher. Therefore, Blagosklonny’s research will be the much-awaited breakthrough in life extension.


Blagosklonny is also a distinguished author. He has published over 250 book chapters, articles, and cancer reviews. He is also the editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle, Oncotarget, and Aging. He was appointed to serve as an associate editor for The American Journal of Pathology, Cell Death and Differentiation, Cancer Biology and Therapy, and International Journal of Cancer. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.