Besty DeVos, the Selfless Reformer

Besty DeVos, the Selfless Reformer

Giving back to the community is a vital part of a business or an individual being a means to show appreciation to the community one has grown in or that which the company operates. It is geared towards improving the living standards of those living in the surrounding. Though regarded as a way of helping, it is paramount for a business to carry out charitable activities to upgrade the society in which it exists, as a part of the corporate social responsibility. More so, philanthropy is highly encouraged to be it from individuals like Betsy DeVos, businesses or other firms.

Elisabeth Dee ‘Betsy’ DeVos is an American businesswoman born in 1958. She is also an activist, philanthropist, reformer, and a politician. Betsy is the 11th and current Secretary of Education in America. She is a Republican and a staunch advocate for school choice, charter schools, and voucher programs and also for the Protestant Christian community. Besides, Mrs. DeVos was Michigan’s Republican Committeewoman from 1992 to 1997. Between 1996 and 2000, she served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and was reelected later in 2003. Moreover, Mrs. DeVos is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Also, she has served as chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice, Action Institute and the PAC on All Children Matter.

Betsy DeVos has championed for the private-school voucher program movement that has thus far been a success. Presently, 250,000 students in 17 states have benefited from the program. It aims at providing a conducive and safe environment for the students. Through this program, she and her husband supported individual students at Potter’s House, and it has turned out to be a commitment of which they are happy to help.

Because Betsy had school aged children, it helped her to vividly see what other parents from disadvantaged families passed through to pay for their children’s tuition. It led to increasing their financial support to more parents. She also started a foundation that aimed at giving scholarships to low-income families so that they could have freedom of choice on which school their children would join. Check this related article from

She also served on the boards of Children First America and American Education Reform Councils both of which were charities aimed at expansions in education. More so, she was actively involved in the formation of American Federation for Children Action Fund aimed at supporting students educationally. Her efforts towards education have prevented actions to undermine education choice in the country. Besty DeVos believes that all parents have the chance to choose the best educational system for their children through the currently advocated education programs.


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