Top Lessons to Learn With Hussain Sajwani

Top Lessons to Learn With Hussain Sajwani

There are many personalities in the world of businesses that have books and stories about how to triumph in the aspects of life that you choose to be good at. However, how can you be certain that those pieces of advice are worth your time if the author does not have an impressive record of success in the first place?

Hussain Sajwani is the exception to that rule. With a net worth of $3.4 billion, owner, founder, and Chairman of one of the biggest property development companies in the world, DAMAC Properties and ally and close partner of President Donald Trump, Hussain is a case worth studying.

Born in 1956 as a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, Hussain was born as the eldest son of a family of five children. His father was the owner of a local shop, and the young boy began learning some of the valuable business lessons in the afternoons that he spent in his father’s shop with him.

Hussain understood the keen eye that was necessary to be able to see profit where no one else does. This is how DAMAC Properties was born, in 2002, when Hussain established his first and largest property development company in the biggest and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

In Dubai, the most luxurious, well-designed and cultural buildings are owned by DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani. The record of successful investments and business agreements of the company has led the young entrepreneur to be recognized in the world as one of the smartest businesspeople in the world currently living.

President Trump would gladly agree, as both billionaires have already done extensive business together.

According to the U.S. President, the relationship goes way beyond paychecks and business meetings. Donald Trump’s sons and daughter are deeply connected to Hussain Sajwani family. They are regularly traveling together and visiting each other at their houses.

The Damac owner has more to teach the world than just some lessons about how to become a billionaire. He has done a bunch of philanthropic work as a donator towards noble causes that affect the local communities and young entrepreneurs that want to run their businesses and follow their dreams.

Why Philanthropic work? Because Hussain understands that selfishness leads to nowhere. Helping communities are always a win-win situation, and Hussain has earned many grateful friends as a result of it.

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