Study by Edison Research Highly Places PodcastOne’s Impact on Brands’ Consumer Reception

Study by Edison Research Highly Places PodcastOne’s Impact on Brands’ Consumer Reception

Most ad companies do not sponsor surveys on the impact their ads have on the consumers’ awareness, perception, and acceptance of the various brands they advertise.

However, being a leader in the world of advertising, PodcastOne did such a survey last year through the reputable research firm, Edison Research. The survey results were made public early this year by PodcastOne chairperson, Norman Pattiz, and Edison Survey’s VP of Strategy, Mr. Tom Webster.

Five national brands, each from a different product and service line from the rest, were sampled for the research. Edison Research sought to know the initial consumer acceptance rate of the five brands had before being advertised via PodcastOne. Secondly, the research company wanted to establish how effective PodcastOne adverts were on the consumers’ reception after the ads were run for about a month.

For these two study objectives, the company ran two separate online surveys: a pre-campaign and a post-campaign research.

The Pre-campaign Research

The pre-campaign was run in mid-2016. Edison Research took respondents from amongst the PodcastOne’s online audience. The five brands, some of which were new in the market and others market veterans, were presented to the respondents independently. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The respondents described how aware they were about each brand as well as how willing they were to purchase them. With this data safely in the bag, Edison Research waited for a month of extensive podcast advertising to undertake the post-campaign study.

The Post-campaign Research

The same methodology used for the pre-campaign study was repeated for the post-campaign study. The same group of respondents was presented with each of the five brands once more, and they were required to explain if the adverts had any impact on their pre-campaign responses.

The campaign showed a positive change of attitude from the clients. One grocery brand, for example, saw its acceptance rate escalate from 7 percent to 60 percent. An automobile brand that had an awareness rate of 16 percent in the pre-campaign study registered 76 percent awareness in the post-study.


Norman Pattiz, who reemphasized his network’s efforts in designing effective ads for its clients, received the results positively.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a veteran media executive in the United States. Over the last 40 years, he has established several media channels, including Westwood One that managed NFL Football, The Super Bowl, and the Mutual Broadcasting System.

Pattiz has been awarded severally throughout his career, including being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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  1. This correct methodology was rehashed for an additional two studies for exactness purposes. This was the general pattern in every one of the brands. It is everything that the full article had described it and I know that the patter with which it goes is nothing but new to them all.

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