Anthony Petrello Is Helping Children and Assisting Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello Is Helping Children and Assisting Nabors Industries

The Nabors Board of Directors has elected Tony (Anthony) Petrello as their executive committee holder in 1991. Before Nabors, Tony Petrello landed a job with the law firm of the Baker and McKenzie firm which is where he practiced international arbitration as well as taxation and the corporate law. Tony Petrello holds the J.D. degree that he obtained from the Harvard Law School where he earned his bachelors as well as his masters degree. He graduated with degrees in the mathematics field from the school of Yale.

Anthony (Tony) Petrello also sits on the board of trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital as well as serving as an advocate for the research and clinical aspects that involves the research and the various clinical programs which address the very special needs for children who have a number of neurological disorders and more information click here.

Tony has been on the board for the Nabors Industry as well as its various subsidiaries since 2012 and has been the director of Nabors since the year 1991. He has served as the deputy chairman for the business from 2003 until 2012. He has been the CEO and President of Nabors since 2011 and learn more about Tony.

Nabors Industries is the biggest land-based drilling when it comes to rig fleets as the major provider for the offshore drilling. Nabors provides more than just off-shore drilling, they also offer a variety of services for directional drilling as well as carrying a line of performance tools. They have some of the best when it comes to innovative technologies for their technological use in oil and gas market. Their skilled workers and workforce is continuing to put together higher standards when it comes to operational excellence as well as to help to transform how the industry is moving forward when it comes to drilling for gas and oil and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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