The Devastating Consequences of Processed Junk Foods and How Nathaniel Ru is Fighting to Reverse Them

The Devastating Consequences of Processed Junk Foods and How Nathaniel Ru is Fighting to Reverse Them

A good chunk of the world is faced with a health crisis because of all of the junk food that has been promoted and consumed. It is more than just the obesity epidemic. There are actually other health problems that people are faced with. For one thing, people have health issues that are not dependent on weight. Instead, it comes from a deficiency of nutrients. Therefore, people are dealing with many different types of illnesses. The fast food industry is doing little to help that. Nathaniel Ru has looked at the issues that are faced with the communities and has decided on what he can do with a couple of other interested partners.


He has founded Sweetgreen, a fast food company that offers salads and nutrition in place of the fast good staple which is the burger. People get to eat organic foods and get high quality protein along with other nutrients so that they can enjoy greater health. To make it even better, these foods have plenty of flavor. Therefore, people do not have to settle for bland food that could actually make eating a chore. It also makes it easier for people to handle cravings for processed food.


While the good food on the menu is one of the selling points of Sweetgreen, there is another aspect of Sweetgreen that Nathaniel uses to his advantage. It is the marketing and reaching out to the community. One good thing about the marketing is that Nathaniel Ru and his friends take the time to look at the community and figure out how to reach them. One thing they have done for one of their locations that were struggling was schedule events. People have gotten to listen to artists like Kendrick Lamar while they enjoyed their meal. This has benefited Sweetgreen in multiple ways.


Sweetgreen is surely becoming a household name. It is definitely becoming a major influence in the fast food industry in that it is offering people something that other fast food places don’t offer. As more locations open, more people will get to see that it does not have to be unhealhy to eat great tasting food.


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