A Competent Urban and Compliance lawyer in Brazil

A Competent Urban and Compliance lawyer in Brazil

     Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer with a huge reputation. He specializes in bidding, urban, compliance, and regulatory law. Due to his vast knowledge in this field, Bruno commands huge respect in the law discipline. In 2009, he graduated with a law degree from Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo. As part of his passion in law, he went on to join other institutions to further his studies. Institutions he has passed through include: RHS Bids, Getilio Vargas Foundation, Brazilian Society of Public Law, Institute of Administrative Law Paulista, and Legal Ethics Compliance. As from 2015, he joined the University of Sao Paulo to pursue a master’s degree in law.

Bruno Fagali started practicing law in 2006. He started as an intern with various law firms. He also served at ”Radi, Calil and Associates advocacy” for 2 years. He is the current at New/ sb. Other positions he has held include; lawyer at FAGALI law firm (his own), a member of the “Society of Compliance and Ethics” and effective associate of IBDEE. Bruno Fagali is driven by self-motivation and passion which is the reason he has achieved so much in his career and out-shined many other lawyers in a huge population lawyers in Brazil. Bruno has natural ability to deliver great content and stand out in an audience.

Today, Bruno Fagali through his law firm serves as a lawyer for various individuals and companies who need the services of urban law and compliance lawyer. Urban and Compliance law services are important for every company that wishes to grow. His deep knowledge of the law enables him to assist clients to make informed decisions regarding their enterprises. Whether advising a client, handling a disputes or negotiation law cases, clients depend on Bruno Fagali to serve them.

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