Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Quest For Immortality

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Quest For Immortality

Around the 1800s, one could expect to live anywhere between 30 and 40 yers. Looking at this through the eyes of the modern-day medicine almost seems cruel. People nowadays are anticipating to live almost two times as long. In the future, this number will likely be even higher, as new drugs and treatments are making it possible to keep on living beyond the point of what might be average in 2017.


An Oncologist Fighting Back

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the doctors who is trying to fight this battle. This individual, alongside many other successful practitioners, is diligently working to find new ways to prolong one’s life expectancy and slow down the aging process. Blagosklonny is specialized in the area of Oncology, the discipline that deals with any type of cancer that people witnessed and Mikhail’s lacrosse camp.


Some Goals of Blagosklonny

Besides the obvious intention to help people live longer, Blogosklonny is dedicated to looking for a solution that will enable everyone to have access to an affordable health care. He believes that insurance is not something that should be limited to those who are financially successful. In fact, everyone who has a condition that modern medicine can help them with should get their treatment, according to the Oncologist. The care should not be taken away from the lower class of people with smaller incomes.


How Does it Work?

Mikhail Blagosklonny identifies aging as the major cause of death. As a lot of older individuals die due to their age, also known as death by “natural causes”, this doctor is working to slow down aging. By doing so, he is hoping to give people more years without cardiovascular conditions or cancers that are the major age-related diseases to which people succumb and more information click here.


Enter Rapamycin

Considering all the factors listed previously, is there anything that will chemically help deal with the problem? Dr. Blagosklonny believes that rapamycin might be the answer. Based on research that has been conducted on mice, it seems like this immunosuppressant could extend the lifetime significantly. An everyday administration of the drug increased the total lifespan and, even though it did not cure it, it helped extend lives of those subjects who had cancer. Another benefit is the fact that rapamycin did not affect any other elements of one’s health, it simply worked to slow down one’s aging process. The fact that life will be expanded comes from the theory how old age is the main cause of death, something that this doctor has many reasons to believe and learn more about Mikhail.


What Does The Future Hold?

Even though there is no guarantee that someone will ever be able to postpone death, over the last 300 years medicine helped people live almost two times longer. Scientific researchers such as Dr. Blagosklonny are taking on the role of an innovative force that is fighting for everybody in the world who wishes to live longer. Not to mention that, if discovered, treatment should be affordable as per Bblagosklonny’s ideology.

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