Paul Mampilly and His Input in the Finance Sector

Paul Mampilly and His Input in the Finance Sector

Paul Mampilly is the man behind the Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes Newsletter. He founded his Capuchin Consulting Company in the year 2013 and has since been helping professional investors by giving them the best advice to be successful in investment. For the few years that his account has been in operation, he has managed to make money whilst helping investors increase their revenues. Starting with just 5,000, Paul Mampilly has helped many of his clients grow with over 100%.

When talking to Ideamensch, Mampilly told them that the idea for his startup came as part inspiration when he was working in Wall Street. He talked of how he spent over 25 years minting money for the rich and helping them to become even richer. In this way, he did not feel like he was helping the greater majority. So, he decided to be the change and his Website.

Mampilly noticed that so many investors have great ideas yet they do not succeed. He did his research and realized that this was partly because they did not have financial advice. Besides, they could not afford the services offered in Wall Street and the likes. So, he decided to come up with something that nearly every investor would find affordable. Not, that the services would be low quality. In fact, he is one of the most credible professional in this industry. And this can be seen through real results.

Before Mampilly founded his own company, he worked in Wall Street for close to 25 years. He started out working at Deutsche Bank, then known as Bankers Trust Company. From the year 1991 to the year 1991, he was placed in charge of multi-billion dollar public accounts. His achievements were so pronounced that his bosses couldn’t resist giving him a promotion two years later. He was appointed to work as the assistant portfolio manager and more information click here.

As an assistant portfolio manager at the Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly would help the senior portfolio manager in creating high profile client accounts by talking to the clients directly. He stayed in this position for a year before being promoted to the position of portfolio manager, a position he again held for three years. Come the year 1998, Mampilly went to work for Deutsche Asset Management as the research analyst. In the year 2001, he left the company and joined ING Funds.

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