Say Aloha to Aloha Construction

Say Aloha to Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a family-owned construction company based out of beautiful Southern Wisconsin. Serving the Wisconsin and Illinois areas this company has grown from a small establishment to one that has completed over 7,000 projects. Their President and CEO, Dave Farbaky, makes an excellent leader and has helped to propel Aloha to the top of the industry, and read full article.

Aloha has field supervisors, inspectors, installers, and claim specialists at their disposal. As licensed, insured, and bonded contractors they work on all aspects of the construction field. Their new roof installations have a 10-year warranty. They can also inspect your roof to determine shingle damage, remaining life of existing shingles, attic ventilation, as well as flashing (directing the flow of water). Aloha also works on home siding – they can install, replace or repair. Home siding can help restore the property value of your home and even lower your overall heating and cooling bills. Another way they can assist you is through repair and installation of gutters and downspout systems. It’s very important to channel water around and away from your home – pooling water around the base of your house can cause wet basements, damage to concrete, erosion in the ground, and mold and mildew issues. Aloha can also help you install or repair doors, windows, screens and

Giving back to the community is extremely important to the Aloha team. Dave Farbaky created a foundation to help them do this in a broader way. The Dave Farbaky Foundation works in collaboration with Learning Express Toys to put on an annual sixty seconds spending spree for four local children from low-income families.

Aloha is a local business run by local people who care about doing quality work with great customer service. They also care about their community and make every effort to give back. If you’d like to learn more about Aloha and see more about the work (and good deeds) they do please visit their website !

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