The Madness Behind $18 Billion In Cash

The Madness Behind $18 Billion In Cash

The Financial Mind Of George Soros That Enabled An $18 Billion Charity

George Soros has a trading style that uses a philosophy of connectivity. He used it to build $18 billion he gave to the Open Society Foundation. There’s a unique dynamic he brings to the business and philanthropic worlds.

Very little regarding George’s philanthropy can be acknowledged without making mention of finance.

What this connectivity is based on are world economies and the financial ties they have with money. Money is a medium of exchange, and modern governments currently use fiat paper to represent the values of their country’s money, and learn more about George Soros.

These values change for every nation that’s standing today and why we can determine what level or value each currency is gauged at. Knowing the details of each exchange rate is the art George Soros learned and mastered. He did so because of an alchemy approach he learned while making millions, and read full article.


Ticking Like The Tape Of Wall Street

Just imagine a man watching a series of roughly three to four numbers changing throughout the day. Using the vast knowledge he had of other financial factors and elements, George Soros was able to watch these daily numbers and dictate the best or worst trades to make, and follow his Twitter.

This is a time sensitive ability, but the idea comes from a belief George Soros has for how world economies and people are connected through money. This mean’t that the pushes and pulls known as buying, spending, earning and saving are all standardized by the actual value in every known currency.


Beyond Positive And Negative Integers

This concept of alchemy is one that sustains the legacy of George Soros and to a billionaire’s platform. The work comes from more than just numbers. George also had to understand and conceive the reality of culture. It was a cold experience during World War II that pushed George to this realization.

The war effort entering Hungary required that Mr. Soros become a refugee and flee. It was clear to George that the actions of one nations or its people can have a ripple effect that everyone on the planet could eventually experience. This led George to realize that it wasn’t just about numbers, and


The London School Of Economics

George then entered the London School Of Economics where he connected his ideology with the numbers only professionals can explain. What George learned expanded his theories further and taught him how to ultimately apply it on Wall Street.

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