The Successful Reign of Daniel Taub

The Successful Reign of Daniel Taub

Being an ambassador means being the medium by which two countries interact. The direction on which, the two nations take depends on your ability to connect them. It is, therefore, a role only an intellect can handle. It requires an innovative mind and commitment. This is because for you to connect two countries, you have to understand their policies and beliefs deeply.

Daniel Taub has been the ambassador of Israeli to Britain for four years. This has been a fulfilling team of his life. It has been an honor.

Four years ago when he went to present his credentials to the Queen as the ambassador of Israeli, she had some questions for him. This is because she knew that he was born in Britain. Taking this role meant that he had to lose his citizenship. This is why the Queen asked him how representing a country has been for less than 30 years would feel.

Daniel Taub did not see it from this perspective. He saw this an important opportunity. He says that it was a chance to bring up his children in their famous world.

He would also have a chance to improve the relationship between two countries. He explains that Britain is not just a historic state of Israel. Britain is the most prestigious country globally. This is because of their media and wealth. Daniel Taub, therefore, saw this as an honor to resolve issues between the two states.

The relationship between the two states has improved in his reign. The trade between the two countries is one of the most noticeable milestones of his ambassadorship. The value of the bilateral trade between the two states is $7.7 million. There are currently 300 Israeli businesses in Britain.

The Israeli are glad to have a chance to outsource their products. This gives them a chance to improve their sales. This means more revenue to the country than before. As per the Britain citizens, they are the sole beneficiaries. This is because they are improved prices due to subsidies that have stiffened competition.

On his farewell, he is glad to see that the goal he had four years ago has been accomplished. The countries are closer and enjoying the benefits. His replacement is yet to be found. His colleges are sad to see him leave offices. He was competent and easy to work with and to implement duties. They are positive that the next ambassador will be his match.

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  1. For someone like him that has had a very colorful career I think there is always much to learn from him and its really good to have them around. Making us feel right is assignment geek this has made me move fast in my career line. The usefulness of this man to the Israeli government is extremely huge and I think that he brings better development to the people.

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