Securus Technologies Just Added JPay to their Arsenal

Securus Technologies Just Added JPay to their Arsenal

Securus Technologies, the leading technology provider for penitentiaries lately have acquired JPay, another company that provides technologies to the prison environment to make it better. If there is one thing that many law enforcers that work in these prisons say, is that a quality communication service can uplift the spirit of the inmates, thus reducing the possibilities of something mischievous happening inside the prisons because of such services. However, they also know that an excellent communication provider must also have a technology for monitoring past conversations. Read more articles at

While Securus Technologies provides technologies and systems to penitentiaries that mostly involves systems that aid the prison staff or other law enforcement entities in catching prisoners committing crimes inside the prison, JPay on the other hand provides technologies for the other needs of the inmates such as electronic payment, emails, and tablet products for their entertainment and use of educational apps.

JPay has operations in 33 state prisons and is the one responsible for pioneering these technologies in penitentiaries, so Securus CEO Richard “Rick” Smith is thrilled and looking forward to what Securus Technologies and JPay can accomplish combined. With JPay now on Securus Technologies’ arsenal, they can virtually do everything in improving prisons all around the country and outside the states. Rick Smith Securus will handle the security and law enforcement part, while JPay handles the correctional systems part where they can make the lives of inmates better and hopefully lead them to turn their lives around and leave the life of crime for good. JPay is based in Miramar, Florida and was founded in 2002. With a combined experience of more than 30 years, Securus and JPay are working hard to innovate more systems and technologies to improve the prison environment to create a safer world.

Because of Securus Technologies services, the company and its CEO Rick Smith have received thousands of emails thanking them and wishing more power to them for keeping the inmates, civilians, prison staff, and all of their families safe. Securus treat these emails of gratitude and encouragement as motivation to even improve their already great services. Read more on

Richard “Rick” Smith has graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, having also studied Engineering in the State University of New York. He also got his master’s degree from the same University. Rick also received an MBA degree from the Rochester’s Simon University. Because of his credentials and educational background, Rick was unanimously chosen to become the CEO of Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is, today, the first option when it comes to penitentiary communication to many prisons in the United States who prefer their services. When asked, many said that the main reasons are their monitoring system and their quest to update their tech every single week.

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  1. This is a great news, I have known JPay for quite some time now and their services have been awesome. I believe great meditation is all about passion. Securus Technologies, though has been the leader in prison security, having another great company in their team is a killer boom to the prison facilities as I believe, the security situation will be more tightened than before.

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