Securus Technologies’ Commitment to Groundbreaking Technological Solutions

Securus Technologies’ Commitment to Groundbreaking Technological Solutions

In recent years, there has been an increase in crimes and violence coordinated from correction facilities. The inmates use contraband cell phones to send instructions and hence a need to control them. Robert Johnson is a Securus Technologies consultant who works towards keeping cell phones away from the incarcerated. He has worked with Lee Correctional Institution for over one and a half decades. Johnson has been a victim of the effects of inmates accessing cell phones. One morning while at home, he was shot six times in the stomach and chest. It is believed that Sean Echols, who was convicted of the attempted murder, got instruction from some inmates who had access to a cell phone. He gave his sentiments before the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in a hearing on how to control contraband cell phones in prisons. FCC controls the airwaves used by cell phone providers.


Controlling the contraband phones

Securus Technologies is a company that serves law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies. It provides services such as incident management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, communication, public information, emergency response, and investigation. Even though jamming of signals can be one way of controlling the contraband phones, the federal laws prohibit this. It is for this reason that Securus is using Wireless Containment System to prevent illegal communications that come from the correction facilities. Many states such as Florida have partnered with the company to curb inmate’s cell phone calls. Securus is doing what many never thought could happen.


The cutting-edge technology

The wireless containment solution is a cell phone detection system. It is a private network with powerful signals that attracts calls coming and going from correction facilities. The network drops and does not connect any unauthorized numbers. The solution operates within the jails and prisons enabling the correction agencies security staff and administration to control potential crimes. The solution is now operating in a jail in Louisiana making it the 11th facility to embrace the cutting-edge technology. The company is working with its partner Vanu Inc to deploy the multi-standard radio technology to cater for the most challenging facilities. Vanu Inc is also committed to the development of solutions that prevent and manage illegal cell phones in jails and prisons.


Leaders in Correction agencies communication

Securus’ wireless containment solution is a unique system in the country and it enhances the safety of the officers and the public at large. The company has invested more than $40M in the technology and is committed to developing new solutions to eradicate contraband cell phones.


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