Tony Petrello The Philanthropist

Tony Petrello The Philanthropist

About Tony Petrello
Tony G. Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the board and Executive Committee and the President of the Nabors Industries Company located at Hamilton in Bermuda. It is the biggest natural gas drilling and geothermal contractor. The Nabors Industries has its operations mostly around the Far East, Africa, Middle East and the United States. Tony is an individual who plays an important role in the growth of Nabors Industries since he started it as Anglo Energy Company in 1968.

His Education
Mr. Petrello is an alumnus of Yale and Harvard University where he received his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Mathematics and J.D degree from Harvard Law School. He started his journey of professionalism in 1979 at the Baker and McKenzie law firm. Tony Petrello became the Managing Partner of the New York’s office branch where held the position for about 5 years.

His work at Nabors Industries
Tony Petrello became an employee of Nabors Industries where he was the Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and went on to become the President the following year. He later on became the Deputy Chairman of the Industry where he held the position from 2003 to 2012. However, in February 2011, Mr. Petrello became the Director of, Stewart & Stevenson Company. He is the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital and also a member of the Board of Trustees where he has been championing for clinical programs and research that would help him address the problems of children with neurological pathologies.

Tony Petrello invites Broadway Celebrity to his Home
Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia invited Tommy Tune to their home when he was in town to perform on his show known as ‘Tommy Tune Tonight’. The couple is normally known to be very charitable and caring even before Mr. Petrello became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. The couple, however, became more supportive during the birth of their premature baby, which made them interested in helping the scientific community by making donations to support those with neurological problems and for research purposes.

The story of their daughter Carena
Mr. and Mrs. Petrello got their daughter after 24 weeks where she was born underweight weighing 20 ounces. At this point, the doctors who were in charge diagnosed her with a condition known as periventricular leukomalacia. This is a neurological disorder which usually affects the premature newborns because of the lack of oxygen or blood flow to their brain. Carena developed cerebral palsy and other developmental problems which her parents seek to find answers. The couple is also the founders of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute which focuses on helping neurological pathologies in children.

Nabors Industries Giving back after Hurricane Harvey
After the hurricane destroyed properties in Houston, Mr. Petrello donated over 170,000 dollars which were in the form of employee donations given to the victims. Some of the staffs were also paid on leave to assist families of the victims as the company’s cafe cooked three meals every week for the families.

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