Mercury Retrograde And U.S.Money Reserve, What You Need To Know

Mercury Retrograde And U.S.Money Reserve, What You Need To Know

The first Mercury retrograde has hit us again in 2018, according to those who study astrology. This retrograde happens and it has a tendency to mess up areas of our life that involve communication and money. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

These two things are ruled by the planet Mercury and when the planet goes into this state, things get messy, or so astrology professionals say. What can you do to protect your investments during this retrograde, we aren’t really sure.

However, one thing that we know is a great idea is to collect precious metals. Why these metals? It’s simple, they have value and they aren’t making any more of them. Gold, silver and platinum are not made in a factory somewhere, once they have all of these precious metals out of the ground, they are done and there isn’t any more.

U.S. Reserve offers collectables in the form of coins all made from gold, silver and platinum. The great news is that these coin collections are openly available to everyone to start collecting. There are no special memberships and no secret hand shakes or identification cards needed.

You simply go to the company website and place an order. Once the company has your order, they will send the coins to you anywhere. Some people have them send to a bank vault, some people have them shipped to their home or office.

With U.S. Money Reserve they give you actual coins that you can touch and display. You will get the actual coin collections and not just a slip of paper that says you own something housed in someone else’s vault or storage facility. This is very cool because you can give the coins as gifts or keep them for your own personal coin collection. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Researve | Instagram

The choice is yours. Getting started with your U.S. Money Reserve collection is easy and you will love the precious metals that make up every coin. Many people use these coins for display on their coffee table and fireplaces.

It’s always nice to show on a collection and tell people it is actual gold, silver or platinum because many people never get to experience what these metals look ad feel like.

We aren’t sure what to tell you about the latest Mercury retrograde, but, we do know that you will enjoy every single coin in the collection if you get them from U.S. Money Reserve and it is easy to get started collecting today.

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