Bitcoin Traded Here According to AvaTrade Review

Bitcoin Traded Here According to AvaTrade Review

Bitcoin has changed the world. Is it available on AvaTrade? What does the AvaTrade Review say about Bitcoin?


AvaTrade Firsts

While AvaTrade might not have been the first binary options trader, it was one of the early ones. It opened in 2006. It even started before MetaTrader 4. The minimum deposit for AvaTrade is 250 units of USD, GBP or EUR.


AvaTrade was also one of the first adopters of Bitcoin. This allowed its clients to profit before others jumped on the bandwagon.


Now, Bitcoin has two other forks available on AvaTrade: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. Each were created in 2017 to deal with perceived weaknesses.


Why is Bitcoin Trading Safer at AvaTrade?

Bitcoin entered the world in 2008 as the first cryptocurrency. AvaTrade review allows for people to choose Bitcoin as the asset for their CFD trades with up to 20:1 leverage. You can trade Bitcoin around the clock, a feature that is not available at many other brokers.


AvaTrade gives you an alternative to trading digital coins at crypto exchanges. You might have heard of hacks at cryptocurrency exchanges. You don’t hear of AvaTrade being hacked, do you?


Since you don’t actually purchase the Bitcoin, there is no danger of any hacks on AvaTrade. You can profit by the volatile price movements. Bitcoin remains very volatile, so the profit potential is much higher than for more conservative assets.


Propelling Forex Ahead

You can deposit your money via bank transfer, credit cards, Neteller or Paypal. Expect five days for withdrawal.


Customer service is available through live chat, email or phone. There are many languages supported, mostly European. AvaTrade won an AAA rating for its customer service from Broker Notes.


Another award for AvaTrade was its “2015 Best Broker” title from FX Empire. FX Empire appreciates the ground-breaking actions of this broker, such as offering Bitcoin.


More than 200,000 AvaTrade customers reviews show they are happy to be able to make money at this broker. They have no qualms with its features. They know that AvaTrade has their back and Bitcoin is traded here.

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