Ryan Seacrest is a well-known Hollywood star in many areas which include hosting various radio talk-shows, interviewing the carpets for E, head of a production company, creating designs for men’s fashions, hosting the New Year’s celebration and one of his most well-known venues – host of American Idol.


A news article is quoted as saying, “Ryan is the busiest man in Hollywood!” He was asked how he does it all! He said he gets things done because of his impatience and likes to get things done fast. He combines his activities to one place and has a great team working with him. His day starts early, getting up at 5:00 a.m., and doesn’t stop the whole day, not even to sit down for lunch. He likes to make others feel important by letting them be in the limelight, when he hosts a show, and not make it about himself.


Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24, 1974 and has accomplished much in his lifetime. After graduating, he attended the University of Georgia for a short time. He then moved to Hollywood at the age of nineteen to chase his dream of a broadcasting career.


His radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” started in 2004 and aired on a Los Angeles radio station and various radio stations around the country and Canada. Now it also airs in countries all over the world. The show has various segments as follows: ‘Manny on the Streets’, Ginger Chan w/traffic; ’60 Seconds of Sleeze’, called ‘Ryan’s Roses’, where people call to say their spouse or significant other is cheating on them. This is a spinoff taken from War of Roses, a radio skit that has been around since the 1990’s. There is also a segment called ‘Tell Me Something Good’ where an individual can call and tell about something good that has happened in their life.


Along with all of these undertakings, Ryan Seacrest can be seen hosting American Idol, once again, so looks he will around for many years to come!

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