The Difference Hussain Sajwani Has Made As the DAMAC Owner

The Difference Hussain Sajwani Has Made As the DAMAC Owner

Although Hussain Sajwani has become successful as the founder, CEO and Chairman of the DAMAC Group his beginnings were humble. He was born to a middle class, hard working family in 1954. His father sold pens and watches at his own shop and worked long hours. His mother earned extra money by selling household goods and fabric to the local women. His father wanted Hussain Sajwani to dedicate his life to the family business. The DAMAC owner wanted to establish a career as a profession through a formal education. He was ambitious, motivated and received a government scholarship for a medical college in Bagdad. He did not complete his studies.


Hussain Sajwani spent time in his fathers shop beginning at the age of three. He saw the difficulties in running a business and this is why he decided not to become a part of his family’s shop. He had the spirit of an entrepreneur and this resulted in his become the DAMAC owner in 2002. His company specializes in commercial, residential and leisure properties in the Middle East. He established the company in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani took advantage of a decree enabling foreigners to own property. This was when he sold units in a residential building he has not yet built.


The DAMAC Group was the first Middle Eastern company listed by the London Stock Exchange. The DAMAC owner became involved in two of Dubai’s major developments. DAMAC Hills is in Dubailand and is a luxury golfing community. The property consists of townhouses, small luxury apartments, villas, mansions, retail outlets and entertainment. Prior to Donald Trump’s Presidency, he collaborated with Hussain Sajwani for two golf courses. The DAMAC owner has a reputation for his real estate projects but Hussain Sajwani does more than build luxury properties.


Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist. He supports the youths and ensured more than 50,000 kids had daily supplies and clothing. He believes giving back to the community is vital. Poor children have been able to achieve their dreams of becoming a part of the business world and pursuing an education due to Hussain Sajwani. There is no doubt the DAMAC owner has achieved success.

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