Rocketship Education uses the Map method

Rocketship Education uses the Map method

Rocketship Public Schools has always used Map to track it student progress. Map or the NWEA measures of academic progress, is quite different from proficiency scores that many schools use to track the students progress.

Proficiency scores are good but only tell whether or not the student is at the right grade level, it does not tell you how the student developed throughout the year. Map on the other hand tracks where the student is at throughout the entirety of the year instead of just at the end of the year.

Rocketship Public Schools is happy to hear that the majority of Nashville, Tennessee’s public schools are now using this Map method. Upwards of 7,400 schools are using Map assessment throughout the entire world. According to National Data many students born in poverty start already behind in school and never really catch up. In an area like Nashville a large amount of the students are already economically disadvantaged making it even more important level the playing field.

Rocketship Public Schools is a group of high-performing elementary schools designed for underserved communities. These transformational schools follow three guidelines; personalized learning, parent power, and talent development. This along with their with their values of community, authenticity, Innovation, tenacity and excellence Rocketship Public Schools has excelled.

Rocketship was founded by Preston Smith and John Banner in 2006 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Their first school was actually opened in San Jose, California 2007 and ever since has grown into six more charter schools in the San Jose area over a five year period. And over the years rocketship Public Schools has received funding from several different sources. They were given a 250 million dollar Grant for Charter management organizations in 2017 by the education department, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, gave Rocketship 2 million dollars in support of the Bay Area and the Obama administration gave another 2 million in support of Rocketship Public Schools.

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