“Sick Boy” Is The Perfect Switch Up For The Chainsmokers

“Sick Boy” Is The Perfect Switch Up For The Chainsmokers

Anyone who is familiar with the Chainsmopkers usual style of music will be somewhat shocked to hear their latest style that came with the beginning of 2018. Most people would not even be able to tell it was Alex and Andrew from the famous DJ group. Sick Boy is the first of the Chainsmokers new genre and it has been received relatively well considering it is a drastic change. It has done especially well overseas, where the grunge style and heavy rock is much more popular than over here in the United States.

Starting around 2015, the Chainsmokers starting making their way up the music industry with regular hits and collaborations. Megahits over the past couple of years such as Selfie, Paris, Closer, Roses, and Something Just Like This have allowed the Chainsmokers to become one of the most famous and highest paid DJ’s in the country. They’ve broken several records in their EDM genre and they have even managed to bring three songs to the top 10 of the billboards at the same time.

For both Andrew and Alex, this new style of music for them is a reflection of a different side of themselves that they want to convey through their music to different audiences. Forbes reported on how their song Sick Boy is a representation of the state of society and the problems everyone needs to face together.

The Chainsmokers have come a long way since they first entered the music industry, and both Andrew and Alex have both grown as people. For them, this new style of music is the next stage in their musical journey, which takes on a little bit darker of a vibe and more serious emotions. Relating to their fans is what the Chainsmokers has always been about, and they hope this new genre will allow them to connect with more people facing problems everyone shy’s away from these days. In the past, the Chainsmokers have set the stage for where the music scene was going to go. It will be interesting to see what other musicians start to do in contrast.


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