Alex Pall: The Musical Journey from New York to The World

Alex Pall: The Musical Journey from New York to The World

The Chainsmokers is an American duo band made up of DJ contemporaries and production artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. This can be risky as it can push artists not to earn true recognition as artists as can be considered as faceless DJ limited to the dejaying booth. The hard work and enthusiasm they put in each day however and working with songwriters and vocalists has added touch to their music.

Growing up in New York City, Alex Pall had a passion for DJing. He would discover he had a career going as a DJ. His particular love for dance music and the feeling that being a DJ back then was not as severe made him entirely being a DJ and start his strides towards making music. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they started right off.

At first, there was some bonding to do. Identifying the value each one presented towards their music. Talking about their childhoods and the kind of music they loved. Later Alex Pall would chat about the drive and ambition to make it as artists. Alex Pall was all about social marketing and DJing while Andrew Taggart would bring super talent in music production.

Asked about working with Halsey? Alex Pall goes on to say how it was a long way coming as they had always wanted to work with her for over a year. He further goes on to heap praises on the musician on her prowess musically and how she can maintain her brand. He has great admiration for her achievements and thinks working with her was just an awesome experience altogether.

Alex Pall recognizes the role social media spaces like Instagram have played in their music career. He eludes that thanks to social media he knows the music has listened across the world. Social media spaces have given them chance to connect more with their fan base as the reviews they get on social media are pointers to exactly how their brand has been received out there.

In his own words, Alex Pall says they will keep challenging themselves in their own rights. They world try add flavor and surprises. Finally they would keep making music with great determination and passion as ever.

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