Francisco Domenech Has Delivered Over 800 Items Of Legislation In Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech Has Delivered Over 800 Items Of Legislation In Puerto Rico

During the years 2005 to 2008 Francisco Domenech served the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly as Director of Officer Legislative Services and delivered over 800 items of legislation for the Puerto Rican people. By serving in this position, he provided high-level leadership and guidance and governance over the assembly that leads to streamlining approaches to their 130 employees that provided extremely beneficial legislative advancement for Puerto Rico. One, in particular, was the tremendous benefits gained for the blind and physically handicapped that received administrative laws and policies to assist them in their disabilities.

Also, in this position, he managed an annual fiscal budget of $11 million and generated surpluses during his three years under his tutelage. Before this position, he served in the Puerto Rico Senate President Legal Counsel where he provided extreme leadership skills and legal advice for the Senate interests in the court where he provided an opportunity to manage the legal work needed to accomplish the political interest. Francisco Domenech was educated at the University of Puerto Rico where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. He also continued his education and obtains his Juris Doctor Degree as well. During his college career, he served as President of the Student Body Council and he also served the student body as Student Body President as well. Learn more about Francisco Domenech at

Currently, Francisco Domenech serves as Managing Partner of Politank a political and governmental affairs law firm that provides strategic direction and leadership for various political campaigns and government administrations. In this position, he provides high-level leadership and guidance for the organization that is providing direction and focus that is delivering results for various campaigns and government amendment activities within Puerto Rico.

In Francisco Domenech’s position of Managing Director at Politank, the organization has provided an opportunity to deliver results to various philanthropic endeavors over the years including the Clinton Foundation and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute where he provides resources and intellectual guidance. Francisco Domenech has provided tremendous results throughout his career that has produced his reputation as one of the leading members of Puerto Rico politics and has provided tremendous results such as his 800 items of legislation that he assisted and lead in accomplishing for Puerto Rico as the Director of the Office of Legislation of Services.



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