Whitney Wolfe Herd Helps Women Take Over The World Through Various Apps

Whitney Wolfe Herd is attempting to make business ventures as easy as swiping left and right in the business world. The hope that is by connecting others with one another through the apps, that more women will be able to be empowered. With the launch of Bumble, the dating app that put women in the

Juan Og’s 50th Birthday was a Show of Opulence

Juan OG Perez and Jayz have been folks for quite a long time. Infact the two are said to have several business interests together. This was perhaps cemented in his last birthday, June this year when he celebrated his 50th birthday. JayZ recognized his friend by spoiling him with drinks to the tune of about

What Upcoming Investors Can Learn From Wes Edens

Fortress Investment Group, an alternative asset manager that started its operations in 1998, has proved to be one of the best-run company based in the asset management industry. The excellent leadership of the company can be attributed to its leadership, especially the expertise and knowledge of Wes Edens, the financial analyst, and investor. Edens has

Shervin Pishevar Tweets Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished investment manager and professional. During his career, he made numerous investments that helped build his wealth considerably. As an early investor in Uber, he made millions of dollars. Early in his career, Shervin Pishevar worked at a hedge fund. He enjoyed following the stock market and guiding clients. After making

Who Is Whitney Wolfe? What Does She Do Now?

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the mastermind of Bumble. This dating app is known for their incredible amounts of forward progression for the world of dating. Women everywhere are used to be harassed everywhere on many different platforms, including LinkedIn and other social media sites. By building Bumble, Wolfe created a place to give

Jim Toner’s Accurate Way of Thinking for Bigger Success

Accurate thinking is something that anyone can apply in their daily lives. Keeping your mind sharp is one way to retain your ability to apply accurate thinking. In some cases, wealth can equal to success. On his video on vimeo, it was mentioned that accurate thinking puts you on a fast track to success, but

Respected Brazilian Businessman FlavioMaluf Analyzes Brazilian Economy

FlavioMaluf, son of well-known politician Paulo Maluf, is experiencing great success in his both his international business ventures and his endeavors in various philanthropic efforts. After earning college degrees in both Brazil for mechanical engineering and New York at NYU for business administration, FlavioMaluf went to work for his family’s company, Eucatex Group. Read more

Up Close and Personal with Sheldon Lavin, the Man Behind OSI Groups massive Success in the Marketplace

OSI Group is a value-added food product processing and supply company which was started in 1957. When the company started, it was known as Otto & Sons, and their modest goal was to supply processed meats to the local residents. They started realizing the real potential that the business had when MacDonald’s gave them a

Sahm Andrangi Development Profit Advice

Sahm Adrangi was born in Iran and raised in Canada. As an undergraduate in the University of Yale, his passion developed from muckraker journalism to financial analysis and hedge funds. Sahm Adrangi retired from Wall Street in 2015. What helped him too early retirement? Kerrisdale Management Company, a company Sahm Adrangi started in 2009. Kerrisdale

Why Bradesco’s Choice Of CEO May Come As A Surprise

Banco Bradesco SA is scouting around for a new chief executive officer as the serving president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will resign early next year. Trabuco was appointed to replace Lazaro de Mello Brandao, 91, who wilfully resigned on October 11. At the time of announcing his resignation, Brandao stated that his decision was meant to